Building Component Manufacturers Conference

October 5-8, 2021 | Omaha, NE

Educational Sessions

BCMC attendees watching a session presentation.

Take a Closer Look at Learning from Your Peers

BCMC includes a full schedule of learning opportunities for everyone in your plant. You’re welcome to attend whatever interests you most, but if you’re new to the show or looking for a clear path, consider following a Session Track. Plan now to arrive in Columbus in time to take advantage of this year’s MBA in a Day Workshop and the third annual Safety Summit on Tuesday!

New This Year: Meet the Speakers!
Join some of our speakers after their seminar for informal discussion and leave the room with new ideas and best practices to implement back at the office.

Wednesday: 10:30-11a & 1-1:30p • Thursday: 11:30a-12p

“I found the seminars very helpful. Also, talking with other companies about their operating procedures, most common problems, and different ways to solve those problems.”

-Joe Rhodes, Truss Technician, York PB Truss, York, PA

Truss Design & Software Pain Points: Streamlining Solutions

Wednesday, September 30 • 9:30-10:30a

Learn about various design challenges, software use issues and miscues that can occur, and solutions used for continuous improvement. The goal of this session is to discuss truss design and software pain points, and how to streamline the overall design of the project.


Paul Johnson, P.E., Director of Technical Services, UFP Industries Inc.

Paul Johnson, P.E. is Director of Technical Services for Universal Forest Products, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas.

James Capitanio, P.E., UFP Industries Inc.

James began truss and wall panel design in 2005 at Component Technology, Inc in Somerville, NJ.  He joined UFP in 2009 and focused more on truss design, specifically large multi-family buildings.

James pursued PE licensure shortly after joining UFP and earned PE license in NYS on June 10, 2019 in Civil Engineering (Structures Depth).  He is currently licensed in ME, NH, VT, NY, MA, CT, PA, NJ, DE, MD, WV, and VA.

James performs seals/repairs for the northeast region of UFP (8 plants).

So You Want to Start a Wall Panel Line? Why?!?

Wednesday, September 30 • 9:30-10:30a

Whether your customers are asking for wall panels or you see a void in your market that your company can fill, learn why manufacturers are adding wall panel lines to their operations. Learn about the decision-making process along with what trials and tribulations were faced and overcome. The goal is to provide a better understanding of how to evaluate all the pros and cons of starting a wall panel line.


Dean Rana, Owner, Truss Fab, LLC

Dean has been in the component manufacturing industry for 30 years. He started out working in the yard at Triangle Truss in Chandler, AZ where he worked his way to become a lead man, designer, design manger, vice president and President. He is now the owner of Truss Fab, LLC, and operates a lumber yard, crane and transportation companies. His passion for the industry is driven by its innovation, technology, and the growing demand for offsite construction.

Michael Miller, Truss Fab, LLC

Michael is currently the TF Wall Panel Manger at Truss Fab Inc, He has been in the construction industry for 18 years. Although fairly new to the component industry, in 2017 he joined Truss Fab Inc to start a wall Panel company. Michael will share his knowledge about setting up a wall panel facility, design, equipment, procedures and capturing a customer basis. 

Growing Sales Through Innovation

Wednesday, September 30 • 9:30-10:30a

At the core of your company are the relationships you form with your customers. Hear how one CM is collaborating with his customers through open communication and transparent sales and customer service strategies. The goal of this session is to discuss new, unique, and innovative ways to engage with your customers and provide the best sales experience from the first meeting to project completion.


Trevor Ebinger, General Manager, Manion Lumber & Truss

Trevor Ebinger is the General Manager for Manion Lumber & Truss, located in Pillager, MN. Trevor has been a part of the building trades for the better part of 20 years, and has specialized in sales for over a decade.  A strong advocate for a “Team Based” workforce, Trevor spends much of his time striving for that goal in the workplace. His approach, professionally and socially is to treat everyone the way you want to be treated, with respect. Trevor is an avid fly fisherman, bow hunter and musician.

Using Best Practices to Protect Profits

Wednesday, September 30 • 9:30-10:30a

Join SBCA’s Legal Counsel as he highlights best practices for addressing actions that can reduce company risk, lower insurance costs and keep profits from eroding.

Among many other issues, Kent will weigh in on quality control, customer contracting and new SBCA documents such as, “Step by Step Guide to Field Assessment of Trusses” and “A Guide to Evaluate Truss Plate Embedment for Metal-Plate Connected Wood Trusses.” 


Kent Pagel, Pagel, Davis & Hill

As SBCA legal counsel, Kent has been helping CMs manage design responsibility risks and liabilities since 1994. As president of the Houston, Texas law firm of Pagel, Davis & Hill, Kent advises local, regional and national companies involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction, providing counsel on matters of litigation and arbitration, insurance, liability, contracts, and operations.

The Value of Framer-Friendly Components

Wednesday, September 30 • 12-1p

Designing components to be competitive is not always about truss cost optimization. A lowest cost truss may not be what the customer needs. This session will look at how a deeper understanding of the installation process, as well as building closer relationships with builders and their installers, can lead to truss designs that create a competitive advantage and become a valuable service.


Howard Gauger, Engineering Department Manager, Carpenter Contractors of America, Inc.

Howard began his 38 year tenure in the industry selling and estimating lumber, floor, and roof trusses. He began his career with Carpenter Contractors of America in 1994 as a designer/trainer and moved to the Chicago division to help restart their component division in 1996 when he became the Chicago divisions truss engineering department manager.

Blake Schwieters, Production Manager, JL Schwieters Building Supply Const. Inc.

Blake has been with his family’s business for 13 years, first starting during the summers in high school and joining full time after college in 2013. He began working full time while on the night shift in the companies’ wall panel facility. He has taken on the role of plant manager across our manufacturing operations and focuses on continuous improvement and innovation in the wall panel, floor panel and truss divisions.

Pat Schwieters, General Manager, JL Schwieters Building Supply Const. Inc.


How In-Plant Digital QC Data Will Revolutionize Your Business

Wednesday, September 30 • 12-1p

SBCA's new In-Plant Digital QC tools provide an opportunity to learn about and improve your quality. Dive into this In-Plant QC Program with a test drive of the latest version, including its dashboard, benefits, and management tools. The goal is to revolutionize manufacturing management, training and objective quality evaluation through data. Remember the quote; “In God we Trust, all others bring data.”


Scott Ward, Principal-Officer, Southern Components, Inc.

Scott has been in the structural building component industry for over 24 years at Southern Components, Inc. Beginning as a production manager, he worked his way through the plant operations later becoming the Sales Manager, Assistant General Manager, Officer-Secretary, General Manager, and now Principal-Officer. Scott has served SBCA in many capacities, including two terms as President of the Association.

Innovative Ways to Simplify Just-in-Time Delivery

Wednesday, September 30 • 12-1p

The delivery of components is the last essential piece of the sales process for component manufacturers. Learn about new technology and communication strategies that can be deployed to ensure products are delivered on time and meet their customers’ expectations.


Bobby Anglin, Shipping Manager, Southern Components, Inc.

Bobby has been shipping manager for Southern Components in Shreveport, Louisiana, since January 2017. Prior to joining Southern Components, he worked in the oil industry.

The Economics of a Healthy Workforce

Wednesday, September 30 • 12-1p

Poor employee health can result in injuries and long-term problems for your manufacturing operation. Join Sergio Rojas as he walks through the four pillars of health and how they can affect your company’s safety record and productivity. Sergio will also demonstrate simple exercises that your staff can do every day to prevent injury and promote wellness.


Sergio Rojas, Vitality by Sergio Consulting

Sergio has over 21 years of experience as a holistic health coach, personal trainer and nutritionist. In addition to working with dozens of professional athletes, CEO’s and celebrities, Sergio has also developed and implemented a variety of wellness, safety and productivity programs for many corporations and community organizations.

Sergio’s extensive experience in functional movement, cellular nutrition and workspace wellness, coupled a degree in psychology, provide a well-rounded and effective approach to healthy transformations for both individuals and organizations.

Sergio’s media experience includes 11 years as the Fitness & Wellness Expert for NBC5 in Chicago, appearances on the Today Show, MTV2’s Battlegrounds and was a finalist featured trainer for the Dr. Oz Show. He has also written for national publications including Men’s Fitness Magazine and ESPN Teen.

Sergio is currently a corporate health consultant and is working with Hirschbach Motor Lines in Dubuque, Iowa developing health programs for truck drivers. Additionally, Sergio is the former Strength & Conditioning Coach for the WNBA’s Chicago Sky and the former Executive Director of President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

Diversifying Your Workforce: Growth with New Perspectives

Thursday, October 1 • 10:30-11:30a

Progressive component manufacturers are changing how they recruit, retain, and grow professionals throughout their companies. This session will dive into strategies and best practices that provide fresh perspectives for companies moving toward a more diverse, growth-oriented work environment.


Heather Young, Production Manager, Shelly Enterprises, Inc.

Heather started her truss industry career in 2017 as a Logistics Coordinator, then later moving in to the Operations Management role. She learned all aspects of production and was promoted to Production Manager in 2018. She encouraged and assisted in the creation of a cohesive team that has only proven their strength and abilities with an increase in productivity. In June of 2019 she became a US LBM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt graduate from the Wisconsin School of Business. Her focus includes building and maintaining positive culture, process improvements and lean manufacturing all to achieve operational excellence.

Mark Russell, Market Development Manager, Millard Lumber Inc.

Mark Russell is the market development manager at Millard Lumber, operating out of the company’s branch in Waverly, Nebraska. Millard is nearing its 75th anniversary in business and has more than 200 employees based in Omaha, Lenexa, and Waverly.

Mark has been with the company since 2000, holding a variety of jobs in retail, installed sales, project management, and employee engagement. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He sits on several charitable boards, holds a contractor’s license … and if you need something notarized, he can do that for you too.

Shawnee Gunnett, Structural Estimator, Big C Lumber Structural Building Components

Shawnee is a structural estimator for Big C Lumber Structural Building Components in Dowagiac, Michigan. Shawnee has studied construction since her freshman year in high school and “fell in love” with the components industry during an internship with Big C during her first year of college. Always up for a challenge, Shawnee currently serves on advisory boards at three schools in her local area as she advocates for greater awareness of the components industry with students in construction trades program.

Upstream Building Design Collaboration, Downstream Success

Thursday, October 1 • 10:30-11:30a

Forming relationships with key stakeholders in the construction design and build supply chain is evolving. CMs can benefit from becoming more engaged in the design process. The goal of this session is to discuss strategies to get your company involved in the design conversations early, creating a more collaborative and streamlined process for everyone involved.


Ryan Melin, President, Innovative Construction Group

Ryan is the president and co-founder of ICG, a leading off-site solutions provider focused on single and multi-family wood framed construction with capabilities to handle 10+ million square feet annually. Ryan is focused on innovation within the organization and construction industry, utilizing technology, automation, and IP to drive process improvement. ICG’s off-site solution includes design services, wall panels, trusses and on-site installation providing a seamless and fully- integrated shell construction process.

5S at Your Desk: Is Your Office as Lean as Your Manufacturing?

Thursday, October 1 • 10:30-11:30a

Lean principles don’t just apply to the production floor. Hear from experienced CMs as they describe key lean and IT concepts for day-to-day office issues and discuss how lean principles can break up the bottlenecks and streamline office processes. 


Victor Sanchez, Director of Continuous Improvement, Trussway 

Victor Sanchez has held positions of Sr Quality Assurance Manager, Plant manager and Director of Lean with Trussway Manufacturing in Texas. His boots on the ground approach take Lean Methodology to the front line where the impact starts. His background in manufacturing throughout the Caribbean, the US, Central and South America have given him a worldview on productivity. He includes Health Care, Automotive, and Agricultural industries among those benefiting from his efforts. Victor has also received his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Greg Dahlstrom, IT/IS Manager, Villaume Industries, Inc.

Greg has been in component manufacturing IT for two decades. His focus is behind-the-scenes applications of technology that improve productivity, safety, and happiness, both in the office and on the production floor.

Production vs. Design: Increasing Positive Communication

Thursday, October 1 • 10:30-11:30a

Production crews and designers depend on one another every day, yet the two departments can find themselves at odds: Was the callback caused by a poor design or a quality control issue in production? Hear how these CMs are breaking down barriers between the two departments and creating cross-functional teams that lead to growing communication, more engagement, and better company culture.


Zach Shepherd, Operations Manager, Engineered Building Design, L.C.

Zach has been in the components industry for 22 years.  He started in the production facility at the age of sixteen.  He worked for five years in production, two years in sales, and 15 years in design with the last seven in management as design manager and most recently as operations manager.  His claim to fame is that he helped bring bracing frames into the Iowa market in 2005.  Zach has a passion to see the components industry grow and increase its market share by providing more prefabricated pieces to framers.  His unofficial motto is “We have yet to see the blueprint we can’t truss.”

Tony Acampa, Technical Team Leader, Shelter Systems Limited

Tony joined the component industry in 1998 after a school internship. His AutoCAD skills brought new possibilities to the design department and opened the door to more opportunities in multi-family design. Tony became design team lead in January 2015. His current team consists of 13 in-house designers and three support staff members. Tony enjoys hanging with his young son, playing bass guitar and fly-fishing.

Josh Wright, The Truss Company & Building Supply