Building Component Manufacturers Conference

October 5-8, 2021 | Omaha, NE

BCMC Exhibitor News

As the show rapidly approaches, BCMC exhibitors are all helping you Set Your Course for a successful future. Take note of the following exhibitor news and plan to follow up at their booths at the show in Columbus, October 22-25!



4Ward Consulting Group: Your Only True Labor Experts  [PDF]

Acceptance Leasing & Financing Service, Inc: Get Pre-Approved Before BCMC [PDF]

ASI: ASI(M) wall building modules [PDF]

Eagle Metal: TrueBuild® Cloud – Share Awesome Looking 3D Renderings [URL]

QuickTie: Introducing SPArtanTM Sill Plate Anchors [PDF]

Stora Enso: LVL built on over 700 years of experience! [PDF]



ASI: BasiC Radial Saw Retrofit Kit Automated System [PDF]

Eagle Metal: TrueBuild® Management – Integrated Management Solution Across All Platforms [URL]

Hunker Bunker Roof Anchor: An Innovative System That Helps Keep Your Roof Anchored [PDF]

Soukup WING: Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Tilt Table for Panel Manipulation [URL]



4Ward Consulting Group: 4Ward Offers Virtual Accounting & Office Services [URL]

ASI: Masik 5 Blade Component Saw [PDF]

Eagle Metal: TrueBuild® Batch – Generates Output Optimized for Your Plant [URL]

NWH Roof & Floor Truss Systems: Custom Built Truss Systems [URL]

Soukup FRAMER: Customizable Pneumatic Framing Tables for Panel Assembly [URL]

Stiles Machinery: Solution Spotlight | Automated Insulation [URL]



ALTENLOH BRINCK & CO. U.S. INC. / SPAX: SPAX® Releases 5/16” x 6-3/4” PowerLags®  - Structural Fasteners [URL]

Eagle Metal: TrueBuild® Truss – Engineering Analysis and Design [URL]

Soukup America: Soukup CROSSLINE: Precision Automated Material Breakout with Heavy-Gage Construction



ALTENLOH BRINCK & CO. U.S. INC. / SPAX: SPAX® PowerLags® Receive Product Certification for Multi-Ply LVL Beams & Girder Truss [URL]

Eagle Metal: TrueBuild® Layout – Model the Envelope of the Structure [URL]

MaterialsXchange: Connamara Systems Selected by MaterialsXchange as its Matching Engine Technology Provider [URL]

Member Insurance Agency: The Sky’s the Limit for Truss Manufacturers. Insurance Built for Your Industry [PDF]

Stiles Machinery & Hundegger USA: Creating a One-Source Solution for the Mass Timber Industry [PDF]

TrussLox: Award-winning Tool for Contractors & Framers [PDF]